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Those of us born in a certain era can arguably agree that Nickelodeon reached its TV heyday in the ‘90s with such classics as “Clarissa Explains It All,” "The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and of course, its stellar animated lineup.

Well, those cartoons will be coming back to TV in a programming block that will launch this October, according to social media posts from an account called The Splat and media reports.

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Using the hashtag #TheSplatIsComing and this past weekend’s 90s Fest in Brooklyn as the perfect time to start blasting the news online, The Splat revealed almost no information about the possible TV effort. Logos for The Splat also appeared at the event.


A two-minute video posted to YouTube did show a montage of some of its best ‘90s cartoons set to a Nickelodeon theme song (rap included), with favorites such as “Rugrats,” Rocko’s Modern Life” and “The Ren & Stimpy Show.”

Media reports started speculating that a channel would be debuting, focusing on the animated shows, but on Tuesday Variety described it as a “a programming block.” Details about the exact shows that would air and times were not revealed.

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A website for The Splat promises more details will be coming, as long as those interested follow its social media accounts. So far, The Splat has done a good job at digging up that ‘90s nostalgia, and even trying to prove that it was the ultimate decade.

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