Miley Cyrus is down one Maserati.  Credit: Getty Images Miley Cyrus is down one Maserati.
Credit: Getty Images

If anyone tries to sell you a white 2014 Maserati for cheap this week, think twice about taking the deal: Just such a car was stolen from Miley Cyrus' house this weekend.

The LAPD are investigating a break in at Miley Cyrus' house on Saturday night. Miley herself is out of the country on tour, but her assistant noted that something seemed off about the house when she arrived on Sunday morning and called the cops, according to TMZ. One thing that was certainly off: Miley's car was gone.

Thieves made off with the2014 white4-door Maserati Quattroporte, reportedly valued at $102,000, as well as some of Miley's jewelry. There was no sign of forced entry, but police say the suspects, a man and woman, scaled a fence and gained entry to Miley's garage.


This is the second time Miley's been burglarized in under a year: In November 2013, thieves broke into her house. No one was home then either. Sounds like Miley needs a full time caretaker. You know, someone whose job it is to live in her mansion and check on all her expensive stuff and drive her fancy car just to make sure no one has stolen it. I volunteer.

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