-From "There is a Light That Never Goes Out"

Oh man, when this was brought to our attention (via Gawker) this morning, we felt so many feelings. All of them were good.

Because, oh man, this is amazing. San Francisco artistLauren LoPrete, inspired by an old concert poster featuring a photo of old football head, has created a series of comic strips featuring classic Peanuts comics with the original words replaced by Smiths lyrics. The result is genius in its simplicity.


Moz and Charlie Brown! When you think about it, Charlie Brown was the original emo kid, moping around and thinking way too hard about everything. Feeling all the feelings. This is a kid that would have been holed up in his dark room with a stack of Smiths records and one burning candle while Lucy and the gang partied out by Snoopy's doghouse.

Rest assured that when these become available to purchase as prints (and we're sure they will) we'll be placing an order.

Check the whole series out on LoPrete's Tumblr, This Charming Charlie (see what she did there?! )

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