adult sleepover american museum of natural history Participants slept under the big blue whale — or wandered the halls, among other things — at the American Musueum of Natural History's first adult sleepover next month.
Credit: D. Finnin/AMNH

You may have shed a tear (or a bucket) at not getting one of the 150 tickets to the American Museum of Natural History's first-ever adult sleepover, which sold out in less than a day.

Thankfully, Gawker has the goods on exactly what went down. Among the highlights:

  • The welcome dinner featured unlimited wine.

  • Yes, there was sex in an exhibit hall (and during an educational demonstration!)

  • You may actually like spiders if you learn a bit about them.

However, it seems that for one reason or another, not a lot of actual sleep happened during the event, and that 7 a.m. come for us all too soon:
"I've never slept in a Victorian orphanage, but my guess is that it's pretty similar to spending the night at the American Museum of Natural History. … I woke up three hours later to an omnipotent voice (the whale?) breathing 'Good morning, grown-ups' over the hall like I'd somehow stumbled into the Ministry of Truth and had to begin my shift altering history books to appease Big Brother."

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