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This is one I certainly did not see coming. In what could possibly just be a case of some tabloid editor playing around with their celebrity gossip Magnetic Poetry set, Justin Bieber is now rumored to be making kissy-kissy with … Kourtney Kardashian? I think I read that right.

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The 21-year-old Canadian serial apologist and the 36-year-old recently single reality TV star were spotted hitting up a club in L.A. together recently and departing in the same SUV. And according to CNN, a source says they were "making out," so there you go.

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Bieber, however, has also been spotted squiring a mystery blonde around town — and on a yachting excursion — but the gossip is that he and the Kardashian who isn't Kim or Khloe are "casually" seeing each other. So there's that.

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