We all know that many people wouldn't hesitate to devour Benedict Cumberbatch if they were given the chance. Now, thanks to some evil mastermind/chocolatiers in the U.K., you can.

Well, a chocolate version of him that is.

To mark the premiere of a new drama television channel in the U.K, women were asked to vote for the leading British male actor who made their chocolate melt. The winner would have a life-sized chocolate statue made in their likeness.

Unsurprisingly Benedict came out on top.


The sculptors, magicians, whatever you want to call them, remarked how it was difficult to capture Cumberbatch's appearance because due to the actor's "thin face" but "large head"

Overall the sculpture used nearly 500 bars of melted chocolate, weighs nearly 90 pounds and took about 250 hours to complete.

Forget the chocolate bunny, folks. We got ourselves a chocolate Benedict.

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