The man behind Borat is far from done scandalizing the world.


I assume that no one with half a brain ever trusts their senses around professional prankster Sacha Baron Cohen. That Eastern European racist could turn out to be a British Jew. That bike he got for your birthday might have a camera onboard that records your provincial attitudes. Probably his wife Isla Fisher is prepared for the inevitable day that she discovers she's been married to a kipper all this time.


So presumably the audience at the BAFTA LA Jaguar Britannia Awards (no, the name of the awards show is not the prank) were at least somewhat prepared for what befell them when Cohen was called to the dais to accept theCharlie Chaplin Award For Excellence In Comedy. I hope so, anyway, because it would be pretty upsetting otherwise. After an old woman introduced as Grace Coddington, the oldest living actress to have worked with Charlie Chaplin, presented Baron Cohen with Chaplin's cane, he fiddled around with it and knocked the poor old lady right out of her wheelchair.


Of course, "Grace Coddington" was a stuntwoman and the whole thing was planned. Cohen didn't just give a roomful of "Doctor Who" stars in fancy dress PTSD. So that's all right then. Watch the prank for yourself below.