Need some laughter in you life? Between busy schedules, racing to the subway and sticking to deadlines, the answer most likely is: YES! Release some stress this fall. Kick back and enjoy these three spoofs. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

National Lampoon’s Bayside! The Musical! The Saved By The Bell Parody

Location: Theatre 80 (August 27-December 2014)


Tickets: $45

How funny is it? This show is really funny, especially the facial expressions of the actors and every time Jessie consumes and spews caffeine pills into the first couple of rows.

Who should see it? Obviously fans of Saved by the Bell will get all the jabbing jokes, but even if you weren’t an avid watcher it is still really entertaining.

Worth the ticket price? Definitely worth the money.

Alcohol available? Drinks are available before the show begins and during the ten minute intermission- they may appear small but they are deadly.

Mementos? They have Bayside T’s, hoodies and slap bracelets.

Memorable quote(s)? “We’re going back to Bayside!”

FIY: Spoiler alert! Be prepared for Jessie to show some breast-age.

50 Shades! The Musical Parody

Location: The Elektra Theatre (September 2- January 2015)

Tickets: $49-$79

How funny is it? It is hysterical; the audience is unable to hold back their laughter throughout the entire show.

Who should see it? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey from cover to cover or if you don’t even know the storyline- it is really a great show either way.

Worth the ticket price? It is completely worth every penny.

Alcohol available? Not only is it available, but also there are specialty drinks with names like Red Room, Ties That Bind and Ben Wa Fireball Tart.

Mementos? They have T-shirts and handcuffs, but I’m going to leave you with two words: lipstick vibrators.

Memorable quote(s)? “There’s a hole inside of me that needs to be filled.”

FIY: Jack Boice and Amber Petty as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are, quite frankly, fantastic. Also attention ladies-keep your eyes peeled for Taylor, the man-candy dancer/singer in almost every scene…you’ll see why.


Location: The Arclight Theatre (September 14- November 2)

Tickets: $25-$89

How funny is it? It is extremely funny

Who should see it? Between the great musical numbers, intricate costumes, killer sound effects and original storyline it is a great musical for all ages.

Worth the ticket price? This show is absolutely worth the ticket price.

Alcohol available? There is no alcohol probably because it would have been dangerous to serve with all the lethal chemicals flying around- killing bedbugs comes before getting buzzed.

Mementos? None to speak of, but at least we weren’t given some of Carly’s (the exterminator who attempts to permanently rid the city of bedbugs) formula.

Memorable quote(s)? “Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”

FIY: You will feel the urge to scratch your legs, arms and body throughout the show, just a warning.

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