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Bibi Zhou for the win.

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As you probably know, One Direction fans are pretty intense. They get things like #LiamAteNiallsPants trending on Twitter and convince their parents to spend $75 on concert tickets (that's $75 each) as soon as they're available on Ticketmaster. Fans of boy band 5SOS are almost as intense. Basically every teen celebrtiy has a fanbase that will do anything to ensure they win every music award. So just how did Bibi Zhou beat everyone and win big at the 2014 European Music Awards? Who even is she?

Bibo Zhou may be a stranger to most people here in the U.S., but she's a pretty big deal in her native China. She won the award for Best Worldwide last night and while teenage girls in the U.S. and Europe are freaking out, they might be forgetting that Zhou's fans are just as passionate and have them way outnumbered.

Zhou got her start on a singing competition show (don't they all?) called Super Girl Competition in 2005 and though she didn't win, she got far enough to land herself a record deal and has since released an EP and seven albums. She's also an actress, having been cast in several Chinese films. For the record, 5SOS has been in zero films and One Direction has only been in their own documentary. So there. That's how she won, OK?

Still, nothing is more amusing that teen tweets about how much they just don't understand how Bibi Zhou could beat out a bunch of hot guys, so click here to see a rounc-up of our favorite tweets.


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