Sex Tips for Straight Women for a Gay Man We know, we know — you only read Metro for the articles.
(Andrew Brewer plays the hunky stage tech-cum-stripper in "Sex Tips.")
Credit: Jeremy Daniel

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” is pretty much what you’d expect. But in the play, it’s framed in the context of the original book’s author, Dan Anderson (Jason Michael Snow), speaking at a college panel. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, sexually skittish Robyn (Lindsay Nicole Chambers) has to take over hosting the lecture with little more than the help of her hunky stage manager Stefan (Andrew Brewer). You can see where this is heading — but it’s a fun ride, nevertheless.

To go over what makes this show worth your night out, we’ve made our own little tip sheet:

1. Be sure to arrive early. This will give you time to pick up a drink (or three) from the bar before getting seated. You can get there up to an hour before curtain time. And trust us, this show only gets better with a little, er, lubrication. Tickets to the “Wet Zone” come with a free drink.


2. Bring someone fun. Although “Sex Tips” is a great date night option, this is not the place for a first date. Your mom? Probably not. Lesbians and straight men? Read that title one more time. The friend who turns every outing into an all-nighter? Well, that’s your own risk. But you can be as silly as you want here, so no matter what, leave the buzzkills at home.

3. Make a night of it. You’re already going to have a few drinks and loosen up at the show — and it’s only 80 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to get dinner or hit your favorite pub before any of the other shows in Midtown even start Act II.

4. Choose your seating wisely. If you’re not a fan of audience participation, you might want to avoid sitting on the aisles, especially in the front half of the house. Neither women nor men are spared from being pulled onstage for some hilarious — and raunchy — role-playing alongside the attractive and charismatic cast.

5. Don’t expect to have your world rocked. This show isn’t going to teach you anything that really breaks the mold (there are websites for that). It’s more about coming to grips with the basic little tricks that we don’t like to talk about in the light of day, and remembering that we’re all sexual animals — and that’s OK. Because the most important tip is that you’ll have to learn to open up, listen up and speak up to achieve the crazy hot sex life that you deserve.

If you go

'Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man'
On sale through June 1
The 777 Theatre,
777 47th St. (2nd Floor)
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