Tom Hanks' incorrigible rapper son, Chet Haze, went on something of a tirade on Twitter this week, unleashing a slew of angry and threatening messages at Howard Stern for some reason. It's not really clear what his beef is — and Stern didn't respond — but the self-professed "walking PR disaster" did offer some choice phrases like, "Do you have any idea how badly I am going to assault you when I see you?" and, "It's a shame you don't hang in the same circles as my family (not enough bread for that)."

He even went and got prophetic at the end of it, writing that "tomorrow TMZ or Gawker will write an article [about] this rant and all I gotta say is keep riding my d—, bitches." So charming. I haven't seen anything on TMZ or Gawker just yet, but how about Metro, Mr. Haze? Will that do?

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