Top five films of 2012

There were so many good movies in 2012. Do you agree with our picks?

Top 5 movies of 2012


1. "Moonrise Kingdom"

2. "Argo"

3. "The Hunger Games"

4. "Silver Linings Playbook"

5. TIE: "The Avengers" and "21 Jump Street"


"I'd like to qualify 'Moonrise Kingdom': It's on my list mostly -- maybe only -- because Bill Murray spends most of it in a bathrobe drinking wine from the bottle." Monica Weymouth


"And I 'Argo' for Ben Affleck's sexy 70's shag haircut. He reminded me of Ramona and Beezus." Heidi Patalano


"I saw 'The Hunger Games' and then went into labor two hours later. Coincidence? Probably. But still, I'm very impressed the filmmakers tried (and mostly succeeded) to make an artful blockbuster from the YA book series unlike the cinematic candy that is 'Twilight.'" Dorothy Robinson

"Is it weird that half of these picks are about teenagers? Don't take my question as criticism though; one of the movies that I picked -- that nobody else probably even thought of -- was 'Perks of Being a Wallflower,' which may be the teen angst-iest of them all. Anyway, are we as a group of individuals regressing, or have years of youth marketing finally caught on and started working on us?" Pat Healy

"I'm wearing Uggs and Justin Bieber's hair mist. I fear this list makes perfect sense to me." MW

"Well, ok we all just wanted some fun this year. Plus I think that the more serious-minded films that came out this year just seemed sort of dour. In recent years there have been some offerings that just seemed much cooler than 'Lincoln' and 'Zero Dark Thirty.' Those movies don't offer enough to tempt me out to the theater if I can catch 'Magic Mike' on Netflix at home." HP

"'Skyfall'? Anyone? Am I the only one who thought this was up there with 'Casino Royale' in terms of Bond films (and opportunities to drool at Daniel Craig)? And speaking of drooling, how did 'Magic Mike' not make this list?" Meredith Engel

"Easy: Banana hammocks are just WRONG." Amber Ray

"Channing Tatum's abs for the Oscar!" MW

"Just saw 'Silver Linings Playbook' last night, and I'm so glad it made the list. I love how it changed genres from serious drama with light comic moments, to become an almost a straight-up rom com at the end. Also, that dance scene is definitely up there with similarly awesome performance scenes from 'Little Miss Sunshine,' 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and the oft-overlooked 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.' Also, cheers to Jennifer Lawrence for appearing on this list twice!" PH

"I love how Philadelphia and Bradley Cooper come out of this one looking a little less like a hungover frat boy. Philly win!" MW

Film Critic Heidi Patalano's Top 5

1. "Les Miserables"

2. "Argo"

3. "Moonrise Kingdom"

4. "Seven Psychopaths"

5. "Smashed"

"When it comes to 'Les Miserables' you can believe the hype. Getting to see those live performances of that music up-close was unlike any other film experience I've ever had. On the other hand, Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' delightfully familiar. I'm proud for Ben Affleck to have established himself as solid director with 'Argo' and I hope that putting 'Seven Psychopaths' and 'Smashed' on this will get more people to check out these overlooked but innovative classics in the making."

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