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Toronto City Councilman Norm Kelly loves Toronto and is arguably one of Drake’s biggest fans.

If you follow his Twitter account, you'll see he enjoys tweeting about Drake and anything just about everything going on in the city.

Since the rap feud between Drake and Meek Mill escalated, Kelly took to twitter to express his feelings about the matter and to call out Meek Mill and Philadelphia several times in a series of Tweets. In his latest tweet, Kelly predicts how Philly will react when Drake releases his next diss track.

We haven't heard any responses from any Philadelphia politicians. We hope to to get some kind of response. Philly, don't let us down.


He’s already dead.

Shoot from the lip

On ghostwriting

You're not welcome

On Meek Mill's Twitter rants

We're not sure if Norm Kelly writes his own tweets or if he has a ghostwriter (ha, ha), but his account is filled with pop culture references and witty banter.

Check out some of his best tweets below.

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