Benedict Cumberbatch loves his fans, and they love him.

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An actor's fangirls usually react with a combination of despair and hostility when the object of their affection gets paired off.

Not the Cumberbitches.

The less-aptly-named-by-the-day fans of Benedict Cumberbatch opened Britain's The Times on Wedneday morning to find the engagement announcement of Benedict Cumberbatch, 38, to theater director Sophie Hunter.

Instead of crying out in anguish, Tumblr, which was built on the "Sherlock" actor much like Starship's city on rock 'n roll, put its collective chin in its hands,sighed happily and can't wait for all theCumberbabies.


Good on you, ladies. But then, who wouldn't be excited for baby otters?

So who is Mrs. Cumberbatch-to-be? Oh, just a French-speaking, horse-riding playwright.

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