TV Picks: Tuesday, October 7

Tuesday TV options include new episodes of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "The Goldbergs," a "The Voice" special and the '50s melodrama "All That Heaven Allows."

Jeff Garlin is worried you won't watch "The Goldbergs." Credit: ABC Jeff Garlin is worried you won't watch "The Goldbergs."
Credit: ABC


‘The Voice’
REALITYTest how long you can watch sad, clueless people embarrassing themselves during blind auditions with this recap special, which runs some two horrific hours.
NBC 8 p.m.


‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’
COMEDYIt’s not fair to judge a show, particularly a comedy, during its first season, when it’s still trying to find its voice. But it’s only a matter of time before this Andy Samberg cop show crosses over from promising to as strong as its creators’ other big show, “Parks and Recreation.”
Fox 8:30 p.m.


‘The Goldbergs’
COMEDYIt’s a bit weird that this ‘80s family comedy stole a name from Gertrude Berg’s pioneering Jewish-themed show from the ‘50s. It’s like if someone made a show called “I Love Lucy” but it had nothing to do with Lucille Ball. Anyway, Jeff Garlin’s in this, so how bad could it be?
ABC 9 p.m.


‘All That Heaven Allows’
MOVIEIt used to be that ‘50s melodramas were snickered at by dim chuckleheads. Try not to do that with one of Douglas Sirk’s greats, with aging richie Jane Wyman falling for younger blue collar type Rock Hudson, to the horror of her wretched children and neighbors.
TCM 10 p.m.

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