Switched at Birth. Credit: ABC FAMILY/Kelsey McNeal The final rite of passage in high school is wearing a funny hat and a brightly colored toga and then having your picture taken repeatedly.
Credit: ABC FAMILY/Kelsey McNeal

'America's Next Top Model'
Season 21 starts off with 31 hopefuls striving to become top models. Both men and ladies will be competing, but we're still thrown by the fact that there have been 21 seasons of this show.

'Chelsea Lately'
Sia will be performing and talking to Chelsea. Does this mean her face will actually be on camera? She usually keeps her face hidden onscreen, but maybe Chelsea can coax her into opening up a bit.
11 p.m., E!

'Switched at Birth'
The switched at birth babies are all grown up and preparing to graduate from high school. Is it awkward to ask which sets of parents will be paying for college?
8 p.m., ABC FAMILY


Travel down memory lane back to 2000 and watch Russell Crowe's gladiator movie, then annoy your friends and relations by asking them "Are you not entertained?" in your best Russell voice.
8 p.m., A&E

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