Animal Planet
Metro's Monday night TV breakdown.


‘Mermaids: The New Evidence — Extended Cut’
EDUCATIONAL. This is a special presentation — and extended one, no less — that offers new proof that mermaids are real. Huh. Maybe Megyn Kelly will cameo to offer further proof that, not only did mermaids and mermen exist, but they were also most definitely white.
10 p.m., ANIMAL



‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’’
REALITY. Tonight, the ladies are on vacation in Palm Springs and Kim and Carlton form a bond over squirrels. We repeat, they “form a bond over squirrels” — doesn’t get any realer than that.
8 p.m., BRAVO


‘The Santa Clause’
MOVIE. Watching Tim Allen pack on the pounds for his transformation into a reluctant Kris Kringle never gets old. This is a Christmas movie classic, straight up.
7 p.m., ABCFAM