"The Bachelor" tries out a four person date, just like the last one you went on!ABC, Rick Rowell

'The Bachelor'

True love awaits for Iowa farmer Chris Soules in the latest season of this romance factory. In the premiere episode, he'll start out with 30 lady options, but send eight of them packing.




Detective Gordon has his hands full at his new assignment at Arkham Asylum once a guard is murdered there. Gotham should really reconsider the treatment policies at that place.

8 p.m., FOX

'Late Show with David Letterman'

Kathy Griffin stops by to talk about her new hosting gig at "Fashion Police" and probably say one or two offensive things, and David Oyelowo, star of the movie "Selma," also appears, to remind us all that we should really see "Selma."

11:35 p.m., CBS

'Two Broke Girls'

The girls have concerns that the factory where their new cupcake t-shirts are being manufactured has unsafe working conditions. Maybe they can help unionize the workers, and then this show will be called "Two Union Organizer Girls."

8 p.m., CBS