Scorpion Trips to Las Vegas never seem to go well in pop culture, do they?
Credit: Sonja Flemming, CBS

A mission to Las Vegas goes awry when Walter ends up in jail. How often do people's trips to Vegas end with them in jail? Asking for a friend.
9 p.m., CBS

'The Originals'
Klaus tries to talk Hayley into reintegrating with her wolf pack. As the "Hangover" movies have proven, a wolf pack is a pretty tight group.
8 p.m., CW

'Restaurant: Impossible'
Get ready to cry: This ep is about a chef struggling to keep his restaurant going while caring for his sick kid. The name of the episode? "An Abundance of Emotions."


'Late Show with David Letterman'
Dave welcomes both Russell Brand and Dave Grohl. One of these people will also be the musical guest for the night. Can you guess which?
11:35 p.m., CBS

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