Jane the Virgin The characters of "Jane the Virgin" spend a lot of time around lockers for people who aren't in high school.
Credit: Danny Feld, the CW

'Sleepy Hollow'
This week's monster is the Weeping Lady, but it turns out she might have a connection to Ichabod's past. He's such a heartbreaker.
9 p.m., FOX

'Jane the Virgin'
Jane has to decide whether or not to sue the doctor who caused her pregnancy, but her decision is complicated when she keeps running into the father, Rafael.
9 p.m., CW

'Dancing with the Stars'
Pitbull steps in as a guest judge and performs, and the contestants dance to a series of his songs, as well as songs he likes. Maybe he'll turn out to be a Streisand fan.
8 p.m., ABC


'The Hunger Games'
Revisit one of the better YA novel adaptations in recent years, and watch Jennifer Lawrence volunteer as tribute once more.
8 p.m., ABC FAMILY

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