'American Ninja Warrior'
If you are one of the nearly nine million views on the above video of Kacy Catanzaro becoming the first woman to complete the "American Ninja Warrior" course, you probably want to tune in tonight for her attempt to pass on to the next round.
9 p.m., NBC

'The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story'
While this movie may not be 100 percent factually accurate, you can pretend that this is exactly what the young studs of "Saved by the Bell" fame were up to all those years ago.
9 p.m., LIFETIME

'America's Next Top Model'
Watch the remaining 14 contestants battle it out. The challenge for this episode involves wearing only string for a photoshoot. Stay away from cats, guys.
9 p.m., CW

Marcus (Martin Lawrence) causes a stir in the office when he decides to hire a ex-convict to work there.
9 p.m., FX


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