Metro's Sunday night TV breakdown.

‘56th Annual Grammy Awards’
AWARDS SHOW. Sometimes these award shows can get a little tedious, which is why, we guess, they’ve come up with some seriously weird pairings to perform at tonight’s Grammys. Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar? Um, OK. Robin Thicke and Chicago? Wait, what? Punk and Stevie Wonder? Yes, please, actually. Jay Z and Beyonce? Oh yeah, that one’s actually not weird at all. L.L. Cool J once again hosts the festivities.
8 p.m., CBS


‘The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding’
REALITY. Former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe and the lady who won the big game show (ahem, won his heart) are getting married in a big, showy, two-hour-long televised event. Of course they are. Do we care? Not really, but we’re sure there will be plenty of single gals in pajamas cozying up to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to watch it tonight anyway.
8 p.m., ABC

DRAMA. Only one episode in and HBO’s new show about a group of gay friends in San Fran is already garnering some criticism for being, well...boring. Not enough snark and Madonna sing-a-longs, apparently. We actually think this show has a ton of potential (and if it proves that gay dudes are sometimes as boring as straight dudes, well, good — people are boring sometimes. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it) so we’re hoping it picks up the pace a bit tonight.
10 p.m., HBO

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