TV Watch List, Thursday, April 3: 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Scandal,' and more

Leslie and Ron prepare for Prom / Credit: Ben Cohen/NBC Leslie and Ron prepare for Prom / Credit: Ben Cohen/NBC


'Parks and Recreation'
It's Thursday, so that means there's a good chance you've got a nice new "Parks and Recreation" to watch. Tonight, Leslie Knope saves Prom. Someday, that show should explain what her job description is.
NBC, 8:30PM


Judging by social media presence, all of you are already counting down the hours until the next episode airs, but for those of you who weren't sure: your beloved "Scandal" is back again tonight.


Holmes and Watson are looking for a serial killer presumed to be dead. But maybe he's not dead! But maybe he is. They'll probably figure it out. It's kind of their thing.


'Hollywood Game Night'
This show is the ultimate in "Well, this came on after what I was watching, and I don't feel like getting up," with the added bonus of watching celebrities make fools of themselves. Jenna Elfman, Donald Faison and Molly Shannon appear tonight.

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