Kristen Wiig as Patti Hearst Kristen Wiig as Patti Hearst in "Drunk History."

Metro breaks down your Tuesday night TV.

‘I Escaped Jaws’
SHARKS! Everyone’s favorite week of TV continues! If you only catch one program tonight, make sure to sink your teeth into (sorry, had to) this documentary about shark attack survivors.
9 p.m, DSC

‘Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street’
GAME SHOW. “Drunk History” isn’t the only TV gem that Funny or Die has brought us. The comedy site’s trivia game show features comedian Billy Eichner polling (accosting) random passersby on the street with weird questions. Tonight’s the season finale and will likely feature weirder questions than usual.
Season Finale, 8:30 p.m., FUSE


‘The Vineyard’
REALITY. Wow, this show is still on? The “scripted-reality” show that we were sure would be canned within seconds of its premiere episode just keeps plugging along — proof that people (us included) will watch just about anything. Tonight, this one girl is into this one guy but he’s still infatuated with this other girl. Trust us, their names are inconsequential.
10 p.m., ABCFAM

‘Drunk History’
COMEDY. Tonight’s episode features the inimitable Kristen Wiig as kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst. We’re thinking this is going to be a good one.
10 p.m., COMEDY

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