Sisterhood of Hip Hop. Credit: Jesper Norgaard/Oxygen Media Learn a little bit about the "Sisterhood of Hip Hop."
Credit: Jesper Norgaard/Oxygen Media

'Sisterhood of Hip Hop'
A group of women tries to make it big in the male-dominated world of hip hop. The series follows them through their efforts to find an audience for their music while still remaining supportive of each other.

After a sniper goes after the Federal Building, Pierce figures out that the man is afraid of low frequency radio waves. Perhaps a tin foil hat will help the problem?
10 p.m., TNT

'Covert Affairs'
Annie and Augie team up to look into a conspiracy theory. It's regarding who attacked the CIA, but we hope they move on to Area 51 for their next investigation.
10 p.m., USA


'Drunk History'
The show heads to Hawaii to learn about the explorer James Cook, the senator Daniel Inouye and a surfer named Eddie Aikau. Hopefully no exploring, governing or surfing will be attempted by the drunk narrators.
10 p.m., COMEDY

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