Aubrey Plaza as Sacagawea Aubrey Plaza as Sacagawea

Metro's breakdown of your Tuesday night TV.

‘Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis’
REALITY. Tonight, Jeff is challenged to style a dream home for a goth couple. Goth is to gays as, well, insert an “oil and water” comparison here. All we're saying is, Jeff will get really bitchy about this couple's undead-themed decor.
9 p.m., BRAVO

‘Drunk History’
COMEDY. “SNL” cast member Taran Killam and former “SNL” cast member Casey Wilson guest star on tonight’s booze-fueled history lesson as one half of Lewis and Clarke, and Dolly Parton, respectively. Bonus: Aubrey Plaza as a deadpan Sacagawea.
10 p.m, COMEDY


‘Late Show With David Letterman’
LATE NIGHT. Comedy’s most anti-darling darling of the moment, Louis C.K., is tonight’s guest. We really can’t emphasize enough how funny Louis C.K.’s take on just about everything is.
11:35 p.m., CBS

‘A League of Their Own’
MOVIE. Here’s a fun fact: there is literally never a time when this movie is on TV that we won’t sit down and watch it. “A League of Their Own,” in our humble opinion, was Madonna’s shining moment. It was all downhill from there.
Midnight., AMC

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