The Voice - Season 5


Metro's Tuesday night TV breakdown.



‘The Voice’
COMPETITION. It’s night two of the live, two-night season finale. The last three singers standing duke it out, vocally, for TV singing competition dominance. As usual, CeeLo, Christina “Sexiest Man Alive” Adam, and Blake will be on hand to offer sometimes insightful sometimes idiotic commentary. May the best voice win.
Season Finale, 9 p.m., NBC


‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’’
TALK SHOW. Do you know who has Dia-beetus? It’s Wilford Brimley, who, for some reason, is the guest on tonight’s show. His mustache will be there too. The other guest is Alyssa Milano, who is currently trying to fill Heidi Klum’s stillhettos on “Project Runway All Stars,” and, if not succeeding, at least putting in a good effort.
12:37 a.m., CBS


‘How Sherlock Changed the World’
DOC. This documentary explores how old Holmes put an indelible mark on the course of history — from inspiring shows like BBC's “Sherlock” (and launching Benedict Cumberbatch’s career) to movies like “Sherlock Holmes” (giving silver-ish fox Robert Downey Jr. a chance to look rakish in period garb) to influencing actual crime-solving techniques.
9 p.m., PBS