Metro's Tuesday night TV breakdown.

COMEDY. Tosh celebrates Movember, which can only mean that he’ll be sporting a pretty epic stache. Wonder what awkward mustache videos he’s managed to dredge up from the dark depths of the Internet tonight.
10 p.m., COMEDY

‘Doomsday Preppers’
REALITY. In this episode of a series that profiles crazies across the country who spend all of their time preparing for some sort of apocalyptic scenario, a group of said crazies in Washington have developed their own suit of armor. We can’t imagine what this armor is supposed to ward off, other than an active sex life.
9 p.m., NGC

‘Giulana and Bill’
REALITY. Tonight, the E! host and her husband baby-proof their home. That should be only marginally less tedious than actually baby-proofing your own home — or maybe more tedious, we’re not sure.
8 p.m., E!

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