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TV watch list, Tuesday, Oct. 21

Catch up on 'NCIS' or watch the first game of the World Series tonight.
One mystery is how the Flash's hair is always so tall when he wears that hood on it aJack Rowand, the CW


After Gibbs sees a body floating at sea during a training exercise, he boards the man's ship to figure out what happened, only to discover that pirates have taken it over.

8 p.m., CBS

'The Flash'


Barry and the others go after the Mist, a villain with toxic gas powers, which is a super villain power that we have absolutely no childish jokes about, none at all.

8 p.m., CW

World Series Game One

Hey, there's still baseball happening! Take a break from the NFL and watch the Royals take on the Giants in the first game of the World Series.

8 p.m., FOX

'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy welcomes Bill Murray to the show. Maybe they'll talk about that whole "Ghostbusters" reboot situation? Bill probably has some strong feelings about that.

11:35 p.m., ABC