Earth Kills Don't worry. Your hair will always look great after the apocalypse. / Credit: Cate Cameron, The CW

'The 100'
The CW does dystopia, with hints of "Battlestar Galactica," and of course, very good-looking young people.
CW, 9pm

'Chicago PD'
NBC now has a cop version of its firefighter show, "Chicago Fire." We're looking forward to "Chicago Alderman," "Chicago Public Works" and "Chicago Librarians."

'Restaurant: Impossible'
Reportedly, the staff of this restaurant is suffering from being "lackadaisical" (cue the dramatic music). Also, the owner needs to reignite his passion for cooking. Maybe these people should consider new careers?
Food, 10PM


'The Soup'
Wednesday night, a tribute to the WWE. The ep is charmingly called "Piledriving more clips in your face."
E!, 10PM

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