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TV watch list, Wednesday, Aug. 20: 'Extant,' 'Legends' and more

See a two hour block of Halle Berry's scifi show, "Extant."

Halle Berry in "Extant." Credit: Dale Robinette/CBS Halle Berry in "Extant."
Credit: Dale Robinette/CBS

Catch a two hour block of this show, as Molly (Halle Berry) strives to understand what happened with her mysterious pregnancy. Did nefarious types take the baby from her?
9 p.m., CBS

Martin (Sean Bean) and his team try to rescue a kidnapped chemistry teacher and begin to suspect his kidnappers are trying to make him produce a weapon. As long as he's not Walter White, it'll be OK, right?
9 p.m., TNT

'Man vs. the Universe'
Learn about how people try to save the world from asteroids. But we all know the solution is to fly a rocket with Bruce Willis and a ragtag group of miners into space.
10 p.m., SCIENCE


Drink a protein shake and watch the impressively muscly Thor take on such challenges as a rebellious brother and a relationship with Natalie Portman.
8 p.m., FXX

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