Jackson Galaxy "My Cat from Hell"
Jackson Galaxy is somehow able to keep his cool when surrounded by an abundance of adorable. Photo: Jeff Newton

Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” is back on Saturday for another episode and we have an exclusive look at the Cat Daddy's upcoming show. And it's a big one with tiny co-stars.

Jackson Galaxy, a long-time rescue animal advocate, got his start at a shelter in Boulder, Colorado, and he's paying the good vibes and happy karma back into the universe.

There's a kitten crisis in Los Angeles, "where shelters are being overrun by kittens and dying by the thousands," according to the episode description, and Jackson calls on his Colorado connections for help. That's where Operation Homeward Bound begins.

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"I mean, it’s funny the way it works – you’ll see on the show – I don’t want to give it all away, but to take 50 kittens that were red listed here in shelters – The Best Friend Animal Society, which has a shelter now in Los Angeles, they pulled the kittens from city shelters who were going to kill them," Jackson told us in a previous interview. "Best Friends has them and won’t kill them, but they need the kennel space."

With "The Kitten Lady" Hannah Shaw, 50 kittens, a truck and the open road, Jackson sets off for the Boulder Valley Humane Society, where he got his start and worked for 10 years, to find each of these furry little loves a home.

Check out the exclusive clip below. WARNING: Get ready to lose your mind. You're about to overdose on cute.

Watch the Cat Daddy and the Kitten Lady roadtrip with kittens on “My Cat from Hell” Saturday, 8 p.m. ET, on Animal Planet.

“I definitely think as the show matures over the years, and we’ve been given creative latitude from the network, things just get bigger and better,” Jackson told us. 

Jackson founded the Jackson Galaxy Foundation “to improve the lives of sheltered animals and their dedicated advocates,” according to the foundation's website.

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