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While rating for Fear The Walking Dead have more than halved since the show premiered back in 2015, the zombie drama still has a devout audience. Each and every one of these viewers is currently counting down the days until Fear The Walking Dead season 3 finally returns for its second part, especially since when it does it’ll do so with a two-part episode.


When does Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 return?


The second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 3 of will begin on AMC on September 10 at 9:00 pm EST. Unfortunately for fans, Fear The Walking Dead is only returning for two weeks, as its remaining four episodes will be aired over three weekends.


The one little jot of solace in Fear The Walking Dead’s brief return is that it will actually kick off with two hour-long episodes on that Sunday. Episode 9 of Fear The Walking Dead season 3 is called Minotaur, while episode 10 is entitled Diviner. The week after these episodes, La Serpiente will be shown, before the third season will come to the end with Brother’s Keeper.


Die-hard viewers will be ecstatic to learn that Fear The Walking Dead has already been renewed for a fourth season, too. AMC proved its loyalty to the show before its third season had even aired, as they confirmed that Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg will be boarding Fear The Walking Dead as co-showrunners, a position they held on Once Upon A Time.


The pair, who are replacing David Erickson in the role, will be tasked with trying to arrest the slide in ratings that has beset Fear The Walking Dead in recent years. While its pilot aired to 10.13 million viewers, by the end of its first season only 6.86 watched the finale. Fear the Walking Dead season 2 started off around this number, too, but its last episode was watched by just 3.05 million. The first half of Fear the Walking Dead season 3 was then watched by just at average of 2.75 million, but it did produce the show’s most impressive reviews yet, amassing 84% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the decline in ratings, Fear The Walking Dead still remains the second most popular show on AMC, only behind its more illustrious namesake, so it is still well-regarded over at the network.