Jon Snow looking scared
Photo: HBO

A Game Of Thrones episode has once again leaked, making it the second of the show’s last three installments to appear online several days before its intended air date.


But while The Spoils Of War was made available as the result of hackers from India, HBO literally only has itself to blame for this leak. That’s because an internal error from the network meant that, on Tuesday, the sixth episode of Game of Thrones season 7, Death Is The Enemy, was accidentally made available to subscribers in both Spain and Nordic countries for one hour.


That’s all the time that hackers needed, and Death Is The Enemy has since been made available to download on torrents and through Reddit, while images from the upcoming episode have also started to appear on various websites. The revelation that another Game Of Thrones episode was leaked immediately led to pleas from fans to not share spoilers before it has aired.


However, Game Of Thrones fan website Watchers Of The Wall tweeted out a warning that both images and spoilers have already been popping up on social media, and they told its fans to be vigilant and cautious while searching the web. 

This leak has come at the worst possible time for the show, as it is currently gearing up for the Game of Thrones season 7 finale. While the title for the final episode of the season is being kept under wraps until after its penultimate episode has aired, we do know that it will finally hit our screens on August 27, and at 81 minutes will be its longest episode to date.


While HBO will undoubtedly be perturbed at the leak, they can at least take solace in the fact The Spoils Of War’s ratings weren’t affected by its hack, and in fact managed close to a million more viewers than its predecessor. We’ll see if that’s the case for Death Is The Enemy when it airs this coming Sunday.