Game of Thrones Iron Throne Contenders
Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister

There’s still three anticipatory months before any new "Game of Thrones" action. So far, we’ve only been hashtag blessed with a teaser trailer that’s short on dialogue and long on super intense, meaningful eye contact. The preview — along with everything we’ve seen on the show in the last six seasons — positions Daenerys, Jon and Cersei as the three major contenders for the Iron Throne. Although you can’t help but wonder: Would any of them be a good leader?

Here’s a ranking of the top three, and where they stand when it comes to the literal game of thrones. Who will win?

Cersei Lannister

Pros: Technically, she’s already won the Iron Throne. She schemed her way there, for better or for worse. Also, it’s not horrible to have a ruler who understand and appreciates a fine goblet of Westeros’ equivalent of pinot noir.


Cons: First things first: Cersei is literally a terrorist. She killed a bunch of people in the Great Sept of Baelor because she couldn’t get her way. She’s dangerous AF. And at this point, she has nothing to lose, so she’s basically the second coming of the Mad King, if we're honest.

Daenerys Targaryen

Pros: The more female role models in Westeros, the better. The artist formerly known as Khaleesi has a legitimate claim to the throne, what with her father being the last rightful ruler before Robert Baratheon took over. She’s worked hard over the last six seasons to become a strong leader, and reviving dragons from extinction doesn’t hurt either. And with Tyrion by her side, she’s better than ever.

Plus, there’s the theory that she may be the Prince Who Was Promised.

Cons: All that imagery of her being a white savior was… unfortunate, to say the least. Also, she’s low-key a tyrant, and honestly what fool leaves Daario behind? He would make the best concubine. You could just lock him away in a dungeon when you didn’t need him anymore and it would be totally chill.

Jon Snow

Pros: Jon Snow wears the hell out of those dang furs, which would make him a stylish king in the long winter to come. More importantly though, he’s willing to cooperate with unlikely allies like, say, the Wildlings, for the greater good. Also he’s much more realistic and less starry-eyed since Melisandre revived him from the dead. If common knowledge is to be believed, (the old L+R = J), then Snow is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. 

Besides, we all know the best kings are the reluctant ones — at least according to stirring Disney films like “The Sword in the Stone” and the second half of “The Lion King."

Cons: Jon Snow is technically a zombie. If Westeros wanted a zombie overlord, they would probably just welcome in the Night King. Also, could he maybe be too pretty to rule the seven kingdoms? Nobody wants to see that precious child get hurt again.

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