Girls finale Latching Lena Dunham
Photo: HBO

The series finale of “Girls” was divisive. Episode 10, “Latching,” was an unconventional close to the show, skipping ahead several months and only featuring Hannah, Marnie and Hannah’s mom Loreen — more like a bottle episode than a resolution of a six-year story. The episode takes place entirely at Hannah’s new house upstate, where Marnie has moved in to help raise her baby Grover (a mixed race baby whose dark skintone has fans perplexed). In many ways, Episode 9, “Goodbye Tour,” felt like the show’s true finale, as it provided some sense of closure for the four friends. Although the episode was mainly reviewed positively by critics, if you look to Twitter, many fans are disappointed by the random nature of the finale and how it left so many characters' storylines unresolved.

Here’s what people are saying: 

Some were disappointed that Hannah’s character arc was dictated by motherhood, which many feel is a stale trope. 



Others are annoyed by how the episode seemingly came out of left field and ommitted a majority of the cast (with Ray fans especially disappointed they didn't get to see him off). 

And others are scratching their heads over the fact that Grover, a mixed-race baby, appears to be 100 percent black. 

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