Streaming services are giving Hollywood a scare, churning out quality content that has us glued to our couches, and the Godless Netflix debut is likely to be the same.

Netflix is on a roll. Many of us are still recovering from staying up late to watch the entire second season on Stranger Things, and the newest from the streaming service is looking promising. Ready the coffee and the buckets of popcorn.

What can you expect from Godless?

The Godless Netflix debut is oddly quiet so far. The Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery and Jack O'Connell series from creator Scott Frank is only taking its first steps, launching into its first season. But don’t pigeonhole it yet as just another Western, because Frank has some twists up his sleeve, and you can expect great things from the screenwriter behind Logan and The Wolverine.

La Belle is a town in the Old West unlike any other. That’s because it’s run by women. In fact, it’s a town populated only by women, two of which are played by Dockery and Merritt Wever. The series pits a ruthless gang of outlaws against this town of strong, defiant women over a former member of the gang who’s left the group and found a new life in La Belle.


Godless Outlaws Netflix

The women of La Belle might get caught in the crossfire, but they’re certainly not going to sit back and be bystanders. And that, if the trailer hints at anything at all, is going to make for some serious heart-pounding shoot out scenes.

You’ll also get to catch Jeff Daniels, who plays the runaway gang member, in his first TV role since 2014’s The Newsroom, which aired on HBO. We’re eager to see what Daniels can do after hanging up his role as Will McAvoy and donning a cowboy hat for Godless.

How many episodes to expect from Godless

Godless is slated as a limited series, which is both good and bad news for you, the viewer. The bad news: you’re only going to get seven episodes. The good news: that means you’ll get into all the action without delay. But pace yourself. Otherwise you’ll end up blowing through the series before dawn the day it launches.

Watch the Godless trailer below

Want to get an actual glimpse of what you can expect from the Godless Netflix debut? Check out the trailer below to get excited for what’s to come.


When does Godless come out on Netflix?

Netflix launches Godless on November 22. The whole season drops at 3:00 a.m. EST. That might sound like a tall order to stay up for, but lucky for you, you probably have off of work starting the next day for Thanksgiving. And you can make it through one exhausted day, right? Especially when the series looks to be this good.

Bookmark the Netflix link to Godless and make sure the app can send you alerts when new series come out to jump on episode one the second it comes out Wednesday morning.

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