Game Of Thrones is far from a shy show. As well as depicting dragons immediately burning thousands to death, crushed skulls, and gory war wounds, the show has also firmly embraced the primal, physicality that comes with living in such a world.


Simply put, Game Of Thrones has featured a deluge of sex scenes throughout its seven seasons that have embarrassed many an offspring in front of their parents. With good reason, too. Because, much more than pretty much every other show on television, Game Of Thrones has gone above and beyond with its sexual content.


With its penultimate season now over, we have decided to run down the 10 hottest sex scenes from Game Of Thrones. You can see if you agree by looking below:


sex scene game of thrones


10) Jaime and Cersei in the Tower, Winter Is Coming

Incest can never be celebrated, something that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are about to discover. But while there are so many things wrong with Jaime and Cersei’s sex scenes, the very first one that Game Of Thrones ever depicted deserves to be celebrated for the mere fact that it kick-started all of the subsequent turmoil on the show.


Sex Scene Game of Thrones

9) Viserys and Doreah, Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Having hired Doreah to assist his sister Daenerys with Khal Drogo, Viserys decides to get his money’s worth, too. Looking to kill two birds with one stone, Viserys does so while in the bath, while Doreah attempts to learn more about the history of the dragons and the Targaryeans as a bit of foreplay. It’s all going swimmingly until Viserys gets fed up of Doreah’s incessant questions.

sex scene game of thrones

8) Ros, Armeca and Petyr Baelish, You Win Or You Die

Everyone hates Littlefinger. But while this hatred has reached its zenith in recent seasons, you couldn't quite decide whether he was good or evil in the opening episodes. Mostly because of his love for Catelyn Stark, something that he decided to go into plenty of detail in while advising two prostitutes on the best way to service their clients. It’s overtly sexual, unquestionably odd and classic Game Of Thrones.

sex scene game of thrones

7) Loras And Renly, The Wolf And The Lion

While Renly Baratheon was married to Margaery Tyrell, it was her brother Loras that he truly loved. Margaery was more than happy to put up with this, though, as their alliance not only enhanced the Tyrell name, but the affection that Loras and Renly had for each other was obvious. None more so than in The Wolf And The Lion, which is when we’re first shown that the pair are way more than just friends.

sex scene game of thrones

6) Oberyn, Ellaria, Olyvar and the orgy, Breaker Of Chains

Game Of Thrones loves to depict a good old fashioned orgy. So when Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand visited King’s Landing in search of revenge against The Mountain, they were always going to dabble in such antics before getting down to business. The hotness of this scene is immediately enhanced by the fact that both Pedro Pascal and Indira Varma are just so cool and charming as the duo.

sex scene game of thrones

5) Gilly and Sam, The Gift

While it’s safe to say that Samwell Tarly is far from the most attractive person on Game Of Thrones, his innate sweetness and devotion to Gilly means that you can’t help but love him. So after several seasons of looking after her, the consummation of their relationship was always going to be a moment worth celebrating. Sure it might not technically be the sexiest scene the show has ever depicted, but you’d have to be as dead as a White Walker not to have been caught up in it.

sex scene game of thrones

4) Robb and Talisa, The Prince Of Winterfell

Despite being betrothed to one of Walter Frey’s daughters, Robb Stark couldn’t help himself when he met the combat healer Talisa Maegyr after the Battle Of Oxcross. Their relationship blossoms to such an extent that they fall in love, and in The Prince Of Winterfell they make it official. But while their love is obvious, the fact that Robb marries Talisa and backs out of his planned marriage to one of the Freys ultimately has some dire consequences at the Red Wedding. Still, it was an impressive sex scene, though.

sex scene game of thrones

3) Daenerys and Drogo, The Kingsroad

The first few episodes of Game Of Thrones are rather brutal for Daenerys. After being sold by her brother to the Dothraki, Khal Drogo shows no interest in treating her kindly in the bedroom. But after some guidance from Doreah, Daenerys finally begins to assert some dominance, giving fans their first proper peek at what will make her such a commanding leader.

sex scene game of thrones

2) Grey Worm and Missandei, Stormborn

It had been clear for quite some time that there was plenty of chemistry between Grey Worm and Missandei. But there was just one problem: he is a eunuch. Game Of Thrones managed to get around this issue, though, as the duo finally got down to it after several seasons of ridiculously gentle flirting, doing so in a much tender and intimate manner than we’re accustomed to seeing on the show.

sex scene game of thrones

1) Ygritte and Jon Snow, Kissed By Fire

While Game Of Thrones fans have been besotted with the thought of Dany and Jon Snow getting together in its most recent episodes, we shouldn’t forget about his first love. Jon Snow and Ygritte’s relationship was one of the most convincing in the show’s history, with their sex scene in the Cave their defining moment. Sure it didn’t end too well for her, but at least she gave us the immortal line of, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow.’