House of Cards Season 6 Trailer
Robin Wright in the sixth season of 'House of Cards.' Netflix/Screenshot

Hail to the chief: House of Cards Season 6 is coming, and soon. Here’s everything we know about the final season of the Netflix series.

House of Cards Season 6 Cast

After a series of sexual misconduct allegations came out against House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, Netflix cut ties with the actor, refusing to work with him in any capacity whatsoever.

“Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. 

Instead, the network opted to put Robin Wright in the lead role for the final season, which works out perfectly: At the end of the fifth season, Claire Underwood became president after husband Frank Underwood resigned in disgrace.


House of Cards Season 6 will also star Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear in top-secret roles. The only thing we know for sure is that they’ll be playing siblings (presumably the bloodthirsty, plotting kind).

Regular actors Michael Kelly (Doug), Jayne Atkinson (Catherine), Boris McGiver (Tom), Derek Cecil (Seth), Patricia Clarkson (Jane) and Campbell Scott (Mark) will return. Australian actor Cody Fern is set to join as a series regular. And in major news, Constance Zimmer’s Janine Skorsky will be returning “in a big way” after being M.I.A. in season five.  

House of Cards Season 6 Trailer

During the broadcast for the 90th Academy Awards, Netflix released a teaser for the upcoming season. And Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) says it best: “We’re just getting started.

House of Cards Season 6 Spoilers

The final season will wrap up in eight episodes, as opposed to its usual 13-episode order.

House of Cards Season 6 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t offered a hard release date for House of Cards Season 6, but it will premiere at some point this fall.

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