How to Get Away with Murder Season 4
Photo: Courtesy of ABC

If Grey’s Anatomy is Shondaland’s football quarterback — the one all the girls love, whether they admit it or not — Shonda Rhimes’ recent knock-out, How to Get Away with Murder, is the bad boy smoking under the bleachers. There’s something dangerous and undeniably appealing about it, which is why we bet you’re counting the days until How to Get Away with Murder season 4 starts.


We already know that Viola Davis is coming back for yet another round of murder and mystery, but Peter Nowalk, the creator of the hit series, has been pretty tight-lipped about what we can expect in the upcoming season. Even so, it’s been said that he encourages the writers to start with a mystery every season and that this season starts with a “Where?” instead of their standard “Who?” question.


But you also need to be ready for a bit of a time jump, Nowalk told The Hollywood Reporter. “We'll be starting at the beginning of their second semester of their second year in law school. They're halfway done. It's their winter semester,” he shared. This was done intentionally so that “everyone can start in a more restful, low-key place.”


And it might just make the season a bit more relatable since you won’t be thrown into a huge life-changing event for any of the characters. "Everyone's more in a normal place, probably how most of us live our lives without murders happening all the time,” Nowalk explained.


But that doesn’t mean it’ll be boring, trust Nowalk on this. "It's still a crazyballs, roller-coaster, what-the-fuck-happened mystery. We'll find out that question — in fact, one of the characters will even say it by the end of the first episode,” he explained. Translation: They still plan on delivering that almost addictive adrenaline rush you’re used to getting from their majorly mysterious moments from past seasons.


But perhaps even more satisfying is their promise that you’ll finally get the answers to some of the questions about the characters and their personal lives that season 3 left hanging in the air.

So, when does How to Get Away with Murder season 4 start?

You’re almost there, Viola Davis fans. The mystery-packed show kicks off its fourth season with the premiere on Thursday, September 28 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. (And, for those of you devoted to all things Shonda Rhimes, you should know that’s immediately following the two-hour season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.)