is harlots on netflix
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You’ve probably heard about Harlots, the TV show, c’mon guys. The series, which ended its first season back in May of last year, is getting hat tips from media and viewers for capturing a story about an 18th century brothel and making it feel empowering for women. But is Harlots on Netflix so you can find out what all the praise is about?

Women run the show, both literally and within the story. Although two houses of ill repute are at odds in a battle to rule the neighborhood, there’s nothing catty or stereotypical about this fight between intelligent women. Additionally, there are no men quietly pulling the levels or controlling the girls. The characters are richly fleshed out, flawed and filled with humanity — but maybe that’s because they’re realistic women created by women.

If you haven’t heard anything about the behind-the-scenes of the series, it’s written and directed by exclusively women, and was created by Alison Newman and Moira Buffini. From the cast to the crew, everyone is proud of this female-centric story. Samantha Morton, who brings life to the character Margaret Wells, told Vanity Fair that the show is proud of its “whore’s eye view.”

As the period drama, inspired by the book The Covent Garden Ladies by Hallie Rubenhold, heads into its second season, you’re probably looking to catch up on the dueling factions and where they stand at the end of season 1. But is Harlots on Netflix?


is harlots on netflix

Is Harlots on Netflix?

Sadly, the answer to the question is Harlots on Netflix is a big no. We hope it isn’t the only streaming service you subscribe to. The British-American series originally aired in the UK on ITV Encore, but in America it’s exclusively available on Hulu. If that isn’t a good reason to try out the other big streaming service, which offers a 30-day free trial to convince you, we don’t know what is.

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