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We’re coming to the end of our time with the Pritchett-Dunphy clan on Modern Family, which is making you nostalgic. Remember when Manny and Luke were just tiny little kids and Lilly could barely talk? So how do you catch up on the quirky adventures of the three families before Modern Family season 10 takes over your small screen this fall? Is Modern Family on Netflix? We did the digging so all you need to do is pop the popcorn and get ready for a Modern Family marathon.

After all, going back and rewatching the entire series from the beginning will give you a better appreciation for how far we’ve come with the comedic clan. Though the co-creators were somewhat skeptical of the show in the beginning — they admitted that their goal was simply to stay on the air — the intimate highs and lows have made the three families some of the most beloved in TV history.

So how long do you have to relive the magical moments? Wondering when does Modern Family return with its tenth, and likely final, season? Make sure you get all the episodes in by checking out our guide to its fall premiere on ABC. (And stay tuned to Metro US for a guide on everything we know so far about the upcoming season, from the trailer to spoilers.)

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Is Modern Family on Netflix?

So, is Modern Family on Netflix? (Because, if it is, you know what you’re doing this weekend.) It’s one of the most popular shows on TV, so Netflix seems like a likely candidate for hosting the seasons in their content library. Sadly, since Modern Family is an ABC show, and the network has a deal with Hulu, you won’t find any of the episodes or seasons on its rival streaming service.

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