Is Riverdale on Netflix?
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The finale of Riverdale season 2 is May 16, and this second go-around has been full of steamy romance between Archie and Veronica (what else is new?), Betty’s creepy "long lost brother" Chic and that one Carrie: The Musical episode with a murderous ending (again, what else is new?). We’ve already established that Riverdale is offered to some markets on Hulu — and The CW is always an option — but what about the service we all love to "chill" with? Is Riverdale on Netflix? Here’s what you need to know.

Is Riverdale on Netflix?

Is Riverdale on Netflix?

Here's the situation. Your schedule is packed and after a long day you sometimes forget to catch Riverdale season 2 when it airs on The CW every Wednesday. You're a die-hard fan (and we don't blame you), so you need to stay informed before you come across any spoilers via social media. Is Riverdale on Netflix, though?

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that you can stream Riverdale season 1 on Netflix right now — all of it. The bad news is this: According to Elite Daily, Netflix must wait eight days after the Riverdale season 2 finale to post episodes. After those eight days, all 22 episodes will be up on Netflix, meaning that before the end of May, you should be able to binge watch every single one.


If you live overseas — in the U.K., for example — season 2 episodes are streamed through Netflix just 24 hours after they air on The CW, similar to how each Wednesday episode is available on The CW website a day after its airdate.

So, is Riverdale on Netflix? For U.S. residents, yes, but only season 1 at the moment. You’ll need to wait a little over a week after the May 16 finale before all of season 2 is available on the site. In reality, that's not a terrible deal. If you’re overseas, then you already have access to Riverdale's second season on Netflix — and what lucky fans you are.

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