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In case you haven’t heard, Lovesick is one of Netflix’s most enjoyable hidden treasures. The series, formerly known as Scrotal Recall, follows best friends Dylan (Johnny Flynn), Evie (Antonia Thomas) and Luke (Daniel Ings) as they chase happiness while caught up in a number of love polyangles. There are very attractive friends! Impossibly chic condos! It’s cute.

In case you have heard and you’re looking for the next season of Lovesick, never fear. Here’s everything we know about Lovesick Season 4.

Lovesick Season 4 Release Date

No release date set yet, nor a confirmation that the series will indeed be picked up for a fourth season. But let’s be real: It’s quite likely...

Lovesick Season 4 Plot

...Especially because creator and writer Tom Edge already has plans for what Lovesick season 4 might look like.


“I think there is definitely still uncertainty in the show,” he told Vulture. “Luke feels like Jonesy is the answer to everything, but Jonesy is far from committed to comfortably being his answer. Also, just watching what happens to Dylan — this arch-romantic who has been consumed by the question of trying to find the one forever — what does he do when he finally feels confident that the question has been put to bed? What happens to a mind like that?”

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He continued, “We’re all very protective of the show and we’re all incredibly grateful to our cast, whom, as you know, have a ton of options. No one is coming back to do this show because they’ve spent the last eight months throwing a tennis ball against a wall. We only ever want to do it if we feel like we have story to tell that adds a new dimension."

“I do feel like there is another season of story to tell. [The third season] is a little heavier at points — it's a little more melancholic; a lot of it is about individuals facing the cost of getting what they want, which is a lot less sprightly than early dating disasters. If we do do a fourth season, I have a sense of where we want to take the show. I think broadening its horizons but taking it back into slightly warmer, more upbeat territory would be the right thing to do. We’ve been thrilled to make the show for three seasons and will feel incredibly lucky if we get to make a fourth. Fingers crossed that people find it. It feels like we are often described as a hidden gem, but we would quite like to become simply gem-like at this point.”

Lovesick Season 4 Trailer

No trailer yet! But we’ll keep you posted as soon as there is one.

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