Lost in Space Parker Posey Hair
Parker Posey — and her hair — in Lost in Space. NETFLIX

Lost in Space is a passable series, that while visually impressive, is nothing to get into a tizzy over. Fortunately, the same cannot be said about Parker Posey’s untameable mane. One could even go so far to say that Posey’s coiff is the best thing about the whole sci-fi adventure. Which is exactly what I’m saying.

As Dr. Smith, Posey is mysterious, unreadable and slyly funny. You never really know what she’s up to, and her motivations seem to shift with her environment — which is one of the more palatable parts of the show. Her easy way with manipulation is fascinating to see and I’m certain that part of her magic lies in the follicles of Posey’s mesmerizing coiffure: thick and wavy and with a mind of its own.

Lost in Space Reboot Dr Smith Parker Posey
I mean, come on! This hair! NETFLIX

Dr. Smith’s hair seems to change with her moods: the more manipulative she is, the higher it gets; when she’s feeling helpful, it’s tamer; when she’s riding around in a space car thingamajig, it looks like she’s casually getting ready to go to the Met Ball. It shouldn’t make any sense, but it does. (Shout out to Jeanine Chow, head hair designer for the show. You've made a masterpiece.)

The hair also appears to have the strength of sheer will and determination — impressive for what is basically just really pretty protein filament. Take for example a flashback in an early episode, where Dr. Smith dons a rat’s nest full of dreads, then quickly swaps over to a wig of chestnut — long bob and bangs. Eventually, her majestic follicles can be burdened no more, and it’s a relief when her hair is revealed again. The hair shan’t be tamed, and neither shall Dr. Smith’s mania in that moment. They are truly a perfect pair.


Frankly, the hair should be a sentient character of its own. If Lost in Space is ever renewed for a second season, here’s hoping that Posey’s hair gets the respect — and top billing — it deserves.

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