Olivia Pope's Wine Glasses
Photo: Courtesy of ABC

At this point, the wine glasses from Scandal are as essential to the show as Olivia herself. That’s right: in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard, the ABC show is a runaway hit, but so are Olivia Pope’s wine glasses.


There are obviously several different wine glasses featured on Scandal, since Pope loves a good glass of red wine. The pricier, the better. But when we’re talking about Olivia Pope’s wine glasses, we’re referring to those practically spherical pieces of stemware. You know the ones. You’ve seen one dangling from Olivia’s hand plenty of times throughout the series’ several season run. (Held by the glass, of course, not the stem.)


Where you can get Olivia Pope’s wine glasses

Olivia Pope’s wine glasses have got to be from a little vintage store or high-end boutique to be worthy of that pricey pinot she sips, no? Actually, no. You can get the wine glasses from Scandal for a steal, straight from Amazon. And, no, we never joke about wine so you know it’s for real.


These look-alike wine glasses from Scandal are intended for Beaujolais, but we won’t tell if they used to hold a bold Merlot or Pinot Noir or even a fruity white, though Kerry Washington’s character might cringe a little. These glasses from Lenox nail the key element of Olivia Pope’s wine glasses: that globe-like curve on the cup. And though they’ll set you back less than $30 for a set of four, they’re perfect for sipping everything from that expensive bottle your boss gave you with your promotion to the impulse-buy bottle you got at Trader Joe’s or the bodega down the street.


Olivia Pope's Wine Glasses Set


Another look-alike of the wine glasses from Scandal

Of course there are other options if you’re looking to replicate Olivia Pope’s wine glasses in your own home, and you can find them for a wide range of prices. These affordable stand-ins for the wine glasses from Scandal have a slightly more dramatic curve than those above, and even boast a slightly lower price. Arc International nails that elegant orb silhouette and lets you get a full set for less than $20.

Stemless version of Olivia Pope’s wine glasses

Need something that can withstand some banging up — especially after you’ve had a few glasses? This stemless set looks like Olivia Pope’s wine glasses, just less easy to knock over. Reviews love the globe-like shape and attest to the glasses’ ability to withstand just about anything, from cycles through the dishwasher to accidental kicks (yes, really).