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Power season 5: Everything we know right now

Power Season 5 Release Date Trailer
The cast of Power. Starz

You may be surprised, but Starz series Power is just about that. Power. And in last season of the series, the power shifted. Things got real. Now, someone has to pay for the death of Ghost’s daughter. Those are just the rules. It’s the way the cookie crumbles. Sometimes, you must roll the dice.

With some luck, Power season 5 will deliver. And you, you there. Are you itching for more episodes of the crime saga? Well, dearie, you’re in luck. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season of Power.

Power season 5 plot

Ghost, Tommy and Kanan are reunited and seeking revenge. “It’s an interesting thing because it’s actually kind of a bedfellows moment,” showrunner and creator Courtney Kemp said last year. "Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan are having a reunion, and as we like to call it, a family reunion. So as family reunions go, just to say it, it’s always still the same thing with family. All those relationships shift and have different resentments, and old hurts, and old wounds, and all those things are still kind of all working underneath the surface. So, right now, we’ve got these three guys with three distinct agendas all united under the idea of killing Dre.”

power season 5 release date trailer

In terms of what to expect for Power season 5, Kemp says there will be some major shifts. “The plan is to make some huge moves and some huge cast changes in Season 5,” she said. “No one’s been safe on our show for quite some time, but obviously, the main characters have had longer lives. We are reaching the end of this journey, so the main characters are less safe than they have ever been before.” OK!

Power season 5 release date

If news about all of your favorite characters dying in what I assume will be a gory and dramatic fashion has got you down, here’s good news: Not only has Power been renewed for a sixth season already, but its fifth season will premiere on Sunday, July 1. Huzzah, I guess!

Power season 5 trailer

No luck on a full-fledged trailer yet, but by the power vested in me by the ability to copy and paste HTML into a CMS box, here is a quick teaser Starz has offered for Power season 5.