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Lace up those boots and get ready for action, ABC viewers, because Station 19 season 1 episode 1, or the series premiere, is finally here. You’ve been waiting weeks — no, months — to catch the kick-off for the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, especially since you know Jason George is joining the cast and Meredith Grey will be making an appearance.

What to expect from Station 19 season 1 episode 1

Keep in mind that there’s the potential for plenty of overlap with Grey’s Anatomy — each and every episode. So if you’re a Grey’s superfan, you might want to make room in your TV watching schedule for Station 19, permanently. As the show reminded fans via tweet, before the staffers you love from Grey’s Anatomy can save them, the Station 19 crew has to rescue them.

station 19 season 1 episode 1 jason george

Just to confirm, yes, you’re going to catch some of the Grey Sloan staff in the Station 19 premiere (and episode 2, read on to find out why we’re talking about this now). In Station 19 season 1 episode 1, expect a whole drama-filled series of events to unfold, starting with a fire at an apartment (naturally) that calls into question the future of the station's leadership. Will the physical and emotional action get you addicted from the beginning? You’ll just have to wait and see.


So, what time does Station 19 season 1 episode 1 start?

Get your TVs on and your popcorn popped before 9:00 p.m. EST tonight, Thursday, March 22 because that’s when the hour-long Station 19 season 1 episode 1, or premiere, kicks off, and you don’t want to miss even one part of the heart-pounding action.

Oh, you thought that was it? Do you even know Shonda Rhimes? The Station 19 premiere isn’t over after that first episode tonight. Keep your small screens on and tuned into ABC because the first episode is followed immediately by the season’s second installment, which will also be an hour long.

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