Hillary Clinton with Stephen Colbert
[Photo: CBS]

When Stephen Colbert hosted his live election night special on Showtime back in November, he wasn’t just convinced that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump to become the 45th President Of The United States, he was pining for it.

This is something that Colbert freely admitted when Hillary Clinton recently appeared on “The Late Show,” but only after he showed her all of his unused jokes that went to waste when it became clear that Trump was going to win.

This included a video shot by Katy Perry that insisted that, in lieu of Clinton’s assumed victory, because “the 'femitariat’” was taking over men would be regulated to "subservient positions.” Another joke would have seen Colbert bring half a dozen naked men out on stage, who would have had “I’m with her,” written out on their buttocks.

You can watch the entire video of Stephen Colbert handing the envelope of unused Hillary Clinton jokes to the woman herself as a gift below.




Unfortunately for Colbert, Donald Trump ended up winning the election. It was an impossible night for comedy for the talk show host and his crowd. “The audience that night was, honest to God, like on the edge of tears in this room. It was like we were all at a funeral,” Colbert confessed to Clinton.

In amidst the despair on his election night special, Colbert unloaded an off the cuff speech that was honest, funny, and somehow still offered up a little bit of hope. If you’ve not seen it, and you’re not a fan of the current president and his administration, it's still a good watch today. Catch up by watching it below:

It doesn’t change the reality of the current political climate, but at least it’s a little bit funny. 


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