Here’s the first terrifying teaser for ‘Stranger Things’

That's right, there's a teaser for the second season for your favorite show.
Stranger Things Season Two Teaser
The boys are back. Photo: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Gird your loins: “Stranger Things” officially has an air date and a new teaser to boot.


The second season will launch on Netflix on October 27 — and the teaser promises that “1984 only gets stranger.”


This year, the series will take place around Halloween. And it will welcome new cast members including Paul Reiser, Sean Astin, Will Chase and Brett Gelman.


But don't expect last summer’s sleeper hit, created by twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, to be a repeat of the first season. “A good sequel is showing something different,” Matt told Metro last year. “We don’t want to repeat the formula or fill the next season with Demogorgons.”

The Duffer twins were influenced by iconic pop culture from the ’80s like Steven Spielberg films and Dungeons & Dragons and they say they want to continue writing the types of stories they want to see on the screen.

“We have nothing boxed in,” Ross said. “We want to make the story the one that tells us where to go. That’s the great thing about working at Netflix. We have total freedom.”

So that’s that: get ready for a second season with some peak Winona Ryder, delightful ‘80s nostalgia, and being scared to death. October can't come soon enough. 


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